Beauty From Ashes

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The season of Easter is upon us and with that I’m reminded of God’s promise of Jesus in Isaiah 61:1-3

…that He will come to “proclaim good news to the poor,” to “release from darkness the prisoners” and to “bestow on them a crown of beauty for ashes.”

Jesus did this and continues to do this.

The community of Lubin, Haiti is a place that is experiencing Jesus in this way at the very present moment. A very remote community, located about a 5 hour drive from Port-Au-Prince, Lubin is the most impoverished place that Healing Waters is working in Haiti. If you were to visit Lubin you would see and feel extreme poverty immediately – children aren’t fully clothed, they live in homes built of straw and mud, there is no access to safe drinking water.

When Bo, the pastor of the church in Lubin, first arrived many years ago, the physical and spiritual poverty was even more extreme – open defecation was a common practice and the presence of Voodoo was widespread. The eight Voodoo priests living in the community threatened his life as he began to preach the Gospel.

But Bo persevered and the Gospel did its work – radically changing the lives of the people of Lubin. As a result, only one Voodoo priest remains in the community but never leaves his home. Light always overcomes the darkness!

When Bo heard about Healing Waters he knew a partnership would allow him to continue to serve his community and meet a very big need. Before the safe water program was inaugurated in August 2017, the community was drinking water from the Artibonite River – the source of the most recent cholera outbreak in Haiti. The water store is now serving the people of Lubin, donates safe drinking water to the local school, and will be delivering to surrounding areas as the project continues to grow.

The physical and spiritual changes happening in Lubin are not to be taken lightly. In fact, the water store itself sits on an old Voodoo site where sacrifices and ashes were used for deplorable and evil acts. But as we know in Isaiah 61, prisoners can be released from darkness and beauty comes from ashes. In the most literal of ways, the Living Water has washed clean a community that once lived in darkness.

As believers in the only sacrifice that has changed this world – Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection – we are called to continue his good work – to bring good news to the poor, to free prisoners from darkness, to turn beauty into ashes. There are hundreds of other communities in Haiti, just like Lubin, that need deliverance from physical and spiritual poverty. You and I can be a part of that.

Please join us and make a gift this Easter in remembrance of Jesus’ love poured out for each of us. Make a gift that will change lives physically and spiritually, that will bring light into the darkest of places and bring hope and dignity to thousands of people.

Grace and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ,

Kayla Huff

Director of Development & Marketing


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