The Easiest Part of Your Christmas Season

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In Laguna del Cofre, Chiapas, Mexico, the children who attend the local school enjoy a luxury that is quite uncommon in the region—a “flush” toilet. These children would fill up a bucket with dirty water, dump the bucket in the toilet, and flush it. The problem was that they were also drinking the water directly from these buckets. By scooping their hands in the buckets and taking a drink, these children were suffering from the debilitating effects of drinking contaminated water.

Sadly, waterborne illness is easy to detect among children like those in Laguna del Cofre. Along with various types of abnormal skin rashes, children suffer from diarrhea and decreased energy levels that keep them from living an enthusiastic life that each child deserves. The Global Water Crisis becomes personal when you interact with one of these children.

Children in this community now drink lasting amounts of clean water during their days at school. With the installation of our holistic WASH model, they attend Health and Hygiene classes where they learn how drinking dirty water makes them sick and how to practice good health habits like handwashing.

The most exciting part of this story is this—the children’s sense of empowerment. Ever since they started drinking clean water, these young people have become the biggest advocates for clean water in their community and at home. They demand that each time they take a drink of water, it is safe.

The clean water project in Laguna del Cofre is serving the entire population of 625 people with long-term, sustainable access to safe drinking water. Empowerment is evident as our Health and Hygiene Program continues to expand in this region—classes are filling up with people who are eager to learn about handwashing, proper food preparation, and good health habits.

A local doctor has even invited the Health and Hygiene instructor to teach additional classes at the regional health outpost. By partnering with local leaders who are eager for clean water, we get to see waterborne illness become a thing of the past in places like Laguna del Cofre.

By investing in ending the Global Water Crisis this Christmas, you will empower more communities around the world who need the gift of clean water. Your gift will empower them to experience the benefits of clean water and the impact it can have on the health of their families.

Give clean water—it can be the easiest part of your Christmas giving!

We’re on a mission to end the global water crisis. We build holistic clean water solutions and spread God’s love in at-risk communities around the world, empowering people not just to survive, but to thrive – physically, socially and spiritually.