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In the community of Chiapas Solidario, a woman named Lesbia became a teacher in Healing Waters’ Health and Hygiene Program for children in the community. After she began teaching classes at the local church, she soon realized that many of the children were not attending. Lesbia decided to take the program into the community, going house to house, family by family. With each home visit, Lesbia pulls a cart carrying a jug of purified water along the rocky, unpaved road to use the water during the lesson and leave with the family. She begins each lesson by explaining that it is safe water that will hydrate and keep our bodies healthy and it is God who will quench our spiritual thirst.

Before Lesbia became a teacher for the Health and Hygiene Program, she shared with our staff trainer that she was shy about her faith and didn’t feel comfortable praying. But our trainer shared with her that praying is just a conversation we have with our Heavenly Father, and now Lesbia is praying with and sharing God’s love with families in the community! Last year, while Lesbia was leading a lesson in a home of non-Christians, she was teaching the family that there is a God who created them, knows them by name, and loves them. At the end of the first program, the family asked Lesbia if she would be coming back. When she explained that the program was over and that she needed to move on to teach another family, she shared that the church has prayer groups and bible studies that meet in homes. The family then told her that these groups would be welcome in their home! We are amazed by the way God is using Lesbia and the Health and Hygiene Program to share His Good News to her neighbors!

Since 2017, Lesbia has taught the entire program, lesson by lesson, one class per week, with 5 families, in addition to 2 rounds of children’s classes, totaling 50 children and 6 adults who have completed the program. Moving from house to house, the progress may seem slow, but this is just one story. Over the last 2 years, Healing Waters has grown our program by more than 200% participation and more than 500% from 2016 in communities we are working in. This growth has had incredible results in terms of health and spiritual impact. The children and their mother’s have experienced positive changes in terms of reduced sickness, new relationships formed, and coming to know the love of Jesus in tangible ways.

Healing Waters continues to build strong relationships with community leaders to allow for each project to be locally led and sustained long-term. By providing training and education to reinforce the importance of water purification, we encourage full community buy-in and improve the futures of families. We know the crucial role women and children play in the WASH sector, as they are most often responsible for the cooking and cleaning in households, which is why we focus primarily on educating this population to understand the value of safe water, health, and hygiene. But most importantly, each woman or child who participates in the Health and Hygiene Program represents an entire family impacted.

We have been fortunate to witness the incredible impact of this program when women and children are empowered to make choices regarding their health. Imagine what we could do if every family had the same opportunity.

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