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The following story was written by our Regional Health and Hygiene trainer in Chiapas, Mexico, following her stay in the village of Nuevo Paraíso, where our Mexico team installed a water purification system and launched our Children’s Health & Hygiene Education program, “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.”

Mother, Synonymous with Life

Nuevo Paraíso, Chiapas. Place of commitment to protecting biodiversity and plant species out of love for our planet.

Here lives Maria, a woman of many virtues. She is a mother, wife, daughter, friend and Community Health Promotor.

This wise and kindhearted woman is very hospitable, opening her home to all first-time travelers to the village, hoping that her children will find similar hospitality in their journeys and never go hungry or lack shelter.

During the project implementation, Maria offered her home to hold the health and hygiene classes and provided a clean and inviting space. She acquired a table and benches for the children when it came time for the first class.

Despite all her commitments as a mother and wife, she made time and requested to sit in on the class so that she could pass on what was taught to her older son when he came home. She paid close attention and participated in the class, which was about the importance of drinking clean water.

That evening, she was able to replicate the lesson for her son, and they did the worksheet together. She concluded by saying these words to her son: “Love God with all your strength, your neighbor as yourself, and take care of your body because you are a creation of God.”

Regardless of their education, mothers guide and teach us the most important lessons about life.



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