No Child Should Have To…

No Child Should Have To…
February 23, 2017 Rob Anthony

The most important message I can share with anyone about our work, and the one that we cannot come back to often enough, is not what we do or how we do it, but why we do it. Here’s what I have adopted as my mantra – and every time I read it or say it, I become re-energized about our mission:

No child should have to die for a lack of something so basic, so achievable, as safe water.

No one should have to pay half their income to buy safe water for her family to drink.

No mother should have to choose between giving her daughter a drink of water that might kill her, or letting her stay ill and dehydrated.

No young woman should have to avoid school to protect her dignity because of the lack of safe water for proper sanitation and feminine hygiene needs

…or spend otherwise productive hours each day fetching water – water that is unsafe to drink.

No mother should have to wonder if God cares about her because there is no water to quench her son’s thirst or help relieve his fever.

No community should be held back from economic and social progress by a lack of capital to invest in basic water needs and infrastructure.

For 1.8 billion people, safe water is not abundant, accessible or affordable in their home or community. They have no choice but to drink disease laden water that kills thousands of children daily and sickens millions more.

The water they drink is the greatest obstacle to vitality, productivity, and opportunity. It locks children, families and entire communities into cycles of disease, years of unproductive living, and poverty – not just material poverty, but a poverty of spirit that robs people of dignity, health, and hope for the future.

We are on a mission to make safe water abundant again and saturate communities with the Gospel! Where water is abundant, so is life.

Safe water is a God-given life necessity – a human right in the truest sense. Jesus brought good news of abundant life to all people, and invited all people to drink freely from a river that flows with crystal clear life-giving water. Safe water is the Good News that millions desperately need to hear.

I hope this expression of the “why” we do what we do resonates as deeply within you as it does me. It fires me up to want to more effectively lead this great organization and its world changing mission.

Thank you for fully embracing this ministry and for showing Christ’s love to hundreds of thousands of people who no longer have to face life without safe water, and now have abundant water and abundant life.