Our Approach

Clean water isn’t enough.

That’s why we have a model that cares for the community holistically. This means we aren’t just going to give a community clean water and wish them the best. We want to see their entire community transformed physically, socially, economically, and spiritually. Our goal is to empower the locals so that the projects are sustainable and provide long-lasting development in the community.


We work in partnership with the local community.

We invest in the local leaders by training in business skills, and safe water systems operations and maintenance. Leaders are also trained to teach our health & hygiene curriculum. The community puts skin in the game through sweat equity and capital investment. Often these leaders are identified through the local church and this creates an opportunity for the local church to tangibly invest in their community.

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Our water purification systems don’t just produce clean water.

They’re uniquely designed to conserve water and this is especially important in water scarce regions. The local community owns and operates the purification and distribution system, and turns a profit to make the whole program economically viable and sustainable. The water is sold at a cost that is accessible to all in the community.

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We work with the community to produce a long term monitoring and evaluation plan.

Reporting our water program outputs and impact not only ensures accountability, but allows us to be transparent and learn how to keep doing things better. It also allows the local leaders to make adjustments and improvements in hardware and practices that keep safe water flowing for generations to come.


We believe people thrive when their physical and spiritual needs are met.

Our model is incomplete without this key element. Freed from the burden of unsafe water, our prayer and vision is that people don’t just survive, they thrive: full of hope and the freedom to learn, love, work and pursue their God-given dreams.

Connecting with Community

We firmly believe that in order to reach the most people and maximize our ability to serve, collaboration is key! We work with some of the best organizations out there and are always looking to join forces with new ones! Our strategic partners are other non-profits or organizations that want to use clean water as a way to better supplement their holistic programs. They are the best of the best and we work together to solve the water crises in communities all around the globe. They share our vision to bring safe, clean water to people in every area of the world!


Your partnership makes this possible!