Resolutions Challenge: Supporting You

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I have to be honest, when Kayla (our Director of Development & Marketing) brought the idea of our team making New Year’s resolutions and blogging about them I was less than thrilled.

People who know me understand why – I have publicly poo-pooed (in a good-natured way) the idea of resolutions many times in past sermons I preached on the first Sunday of the year. Honestly, there is a part of me that still struggles with the idea.

But I’m a team player, and I believe this to be a very worthy cause, so here I go. However, in keeping with my anti-resolution core value, my resolution has a bit of a twist: it’s about you, not me. It’s not about me setting a goal and sticking to it – weight loss, exercise, being nicer to people (although I could use some work here). My resolution is to help you reach your goal, to encourage you to fulfill your resolution whatever it may be.

When it comes to setting goals, I have a philosophy: an unselfish goal is a much more powerful motivator than a selfish one. If your goal is to save money, you will be more successful if you are saving quarters for St. Jude Hospital to save the lives of children with cancer, than saving for your own vacation fund. The urgency of the cause will speak to you and encourage you to dig deeper, to not give up too easily or too early.

So my resolution contains an invitation to you. I will give $25 per month to a humanitarian cause you believe in, plus $25 to Healing Waters International, for every month you maintain your personal resolution – to pray more, eat less, take a certain number of steps each day, visit the elderly, or whatever it may be.

I resolve to encourage and support your resolutions! When you tie your personal improvement resolution to someone else’s more urgent need you will keep your resolution longer and stronger, because you know it will change someone else’s life even more than yours.

Just send me an email and let me know what your resolution is, and give me an update each month and I’ll happily write out the check! The fine print is, I don’t have unlimited funds so this offer is valid for the first 10 people to respond. So hurry now, time is running out on this limited time offer!

So please, resolve away, so together we can save the lives of countless children, and bring hope and a blessed future to many. Along the way I think you’ll discover the power, freedom and joy that comes with the pursuit of an unselfish goal.

With Resolve,



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