There’s already a solution!

Our water purification systems have been uniquely designed by our team of engineers to create solutions that bring safe drinking water to at-risk communities at a fraction of the existing market price. But we don’t stop there. For a community to thrive, they must be educated and empowered. Our health and hygiene curriculum and our business training give community leaders the resources they need to bring about generational transformation!

Our Water Purification Systems

The Healing Waters engineering team designs and implements water purification technology for the developing world. We leverage simple, reliable, and powerful tools to provide a lasting supply of safe water using the best technology available. Our systems are consistent in providing:


Removes 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, and parasites regardless of source water quality or operator error.


An integrated bottle sanitizing station ensures that safe water isn’t put into dirty bottles.


Quality components, many of which can be locally sourced, ensure a solution which will be sustainable for the long term.


GravityPure + SolarPure

We are committed to rigorous quality control and ongoing partnerships as we all do our part to end the global water crisis. Our designs incorporate ease of use, quality construction, low maintenance, and reliability. The technology itself ensures not just safe water, but water conservation as well. We’re able to provide water to every community for pennies on the gallon.

We’re confident that “one-size-fits-all” solutions are not the answer. Each community goes through extensive water testing and is surveyed to ensure the appropriate water purification system is installed. Our systems can be modified and retrofitted for the conditions at a specific site, regardless of electricity. When properly implemented and managed, each water purification system will serve a community for a minimum of ten years. 

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Our Gravity Pure water purification system is designed to be taken anywhere in the world. Literally. With no need for electricity, this system can be set up in the most remote communities within 4 hours.

  • Can be packed into three 50 pound duffel bags (this means that the system can be checked luggage on a flight, not having to sit in customs for months on end in war-torn or corrupt countries)

  • Reliable water quality through ultrafiltration

  • Can be completely off-grid as long as there is an elevated water supply

  • Can produce between 500 and 10,000 liters of clean water per day

  • Hand pump for backwashing the ultrafiltration membrane means no replacement filters for years

  • Costs depend on the operating model and production rate, but $0.005/liter is typical

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Specifically created to withstand the unreliable electricity in many African cities, Solar Pure utilizes solar power to produce safe drinking water incredibly fast.

  • Designed for power supplies that are unreliable, variable voltage, or low-voltage

  • Integrated bottle re-filling station to quickly sanitize and fill batches of large (20 liter) or small (1-2 liter) bottles

  • Large carbon filter for taste and odor polishing without the use of Reverse Osmosis

  • Can produce up to 20,000 liters per 12 hour day using any power supply (solar, wind, battery, generator, etc.)

  • Costs depend on operating model and production rate, but $0.005/liter is typical

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Health & Hygiene Education

Education has the power to transform people from the inside out. Health & hygiene education teaches communities about the long-lasting effects of living healthy lives, from drinking safe water to hand washing, to properly cleaning food. Oh, and one other thing, for every $1 invested in health and hygiene education, the economic benefits on a community are between $5-46. That’s a pretty good return on investment if you ask us!

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Be a change maker

Ages 5-12

Every 90 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. That means that in the time it took you to read the above text and get to this sentence, 2 children died. We’re not ok with that and we know you aren’t either.

Beginning with the biblical story of Joseph and how he became a change maker in his world, eight lessons teach children how they can become change makers in their homes and communities. They learn about safe water, proper health & hygiene, and how to stay healthy for life!


Clothed with strength and dignity

Ages 12-19

In a global society where girls drop out of school when puberty starts because of no access to proper hygiene and sanitation and where teen pregnancy is an everyday norm, it is vital that we teach young women health & hygiene education.

This curriculum contains content that provides crucial knowledge for a young family’s survival and health, and offers hope for the future. Women learn life-sustaining skills, including how to recognize safe and unsafe water sources, the six steps of handwashing, safe feminine hygiene practices, and how to properly breastfeed and safely feed infants and young children.


Equipping & Empowering

No long-term solution is complete without the locals empowered to lead the project as their own. Training in the areas of system maintenance, teaching the curriculum, and business development are vital to make a project successful and for a community to thrive. We work with the site partner to develop and implement a community-appropriate water distribution and sales model that when executed, produces income that covers system maintenance costs and additional profit for the site partner.

Site leadership team members are trained in each of these areas and pass a written and oral test leading to certification. We believe that by empowering these leaders with proper training, they will be invested and fully equipped to lead the project with pride and integrity.

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