What We are Thankful for

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“I am thankful for so many things because God is so good and it is hard to narrow it down to one or two things that I am thankful for. But for this time specifically, I am thankful for family and friends and for our Healing Waters staff. Because we committed to praying for one another, I am more aware of each of their contributions and commitment to bringing the ministry of physical and spiritual water to so many people every day. I am thankful to be a part of this great team!”

~John Correa (Vice President of Operations)

“2018 brought with it many things to be thankful for – a wedding and marriage that have over and over again reminded me of God’s grace, a job that allows me to do what I love and be a part of, and family and friends that are truly the best!”

~Kayla Huff (Director of Marketing and Development)

“I’m thankful for the way God continues to surprise me in the way he inspires generosity in his people. Whether it is my family being generous with their time or it is a faithful donor who gives to Healing Waters, I’m really thankful and amazed that we serve a God who inspires his people to give of themselves.”

~Sam Chappell (Logistics Manager and Development Associate)

 “I am so thankful for my family. As I get a little older I can see more how I don’t just love my family but I enjoy them. I’m also thankful for friends: some that manage to stay close from afar and some friendships here in Denver that have deepened over the last year. Lastly, I am thankful to live in CO where I can escape to nature and be refreshed!”

~Hana Lockey (Program Director)

 “This year brought I lot of transitions which I am so thankful for, one of those was the opportunity to work for Healing Waters, a job where I have found meaningful and purposeful work, and I am so grateful for this.  I am also thankful this year, and every year, for my family and friends and their unconditional love, support, and encouragement.”

~Irene Wilson (Production Manager and Engineer)

 I’m thankful that throughout all life’s challenges, disappointments and pain, that God is with us, understands, and loves us. I’m thankful that God gives us good gifts—works things together for our good—in the midst of any trial, anything that would attempt to snuff out our God-given purpose. I’m thankful that God is a good shepherd.  He watches over me without forcing me.  He protects me and makes sacrifices for me.  No matter my circumstance, no matter my choices, God never gives up on me, stops adoring me, nor does He ever leave me. I am thankful that through HWI, He reaches others and that I get to be a part of His reaching out to them.”

~Linda Habernal (Donor Services and Administration)

“There are so many things I have been blessed with throughout my life. To narrow them all down, I would say that I am most thankful for the mountains, ice cream, my dog, friends, family, and my savior, Jesus Christ.”

~Kim Echeverria (Campaign Coordinator and Social Media Marketing Summer Intern)

 “I’m thankful for the constant support from my parents in whatever new endeavor I take on, and I’m thankful for their continued encouragement for me to really push myself outside my comfort zone. I’m thankful to have a twin sister that is always willing to listen to me when I need to get my thoughts out and never fails to make me laugh. Also, as a college student, I often think about how grateful I am to get the opportunity to go to college and further my education. I’m so lucky that I get up every day and continue learning at such an amazing school.”

~Joey Haas (Graphic Design Summer Intern)

 I am thankful for my wonderful family and friends who have stood by me and encouraged me through the storms and calm of life. I am also thankful for God’s gift of mountains, the sun, and cauliflower pizza crust.”

~Steven Delain (WASH Research Summer Intern)

“To start, I am thankful for good books, inspiring podcasts, the gift of Thai food, and freshly brewed coffee. I am thankful for the sweet people in my life who inspire me, encourage me, and believe in whatever I set my mind to. Also, for the strong women in my life who are examples of fearlessness and faith. I know I often take for granted the God whom I serve who loves me unconditionally, but I am truly thankful for Him.”

~Megan Koontz (Social Media Marketing and Copywriting Summer Intern)

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