Who Cares?

Who Cares?
August 4, 2016 Rob Anthony

Who cares if young girls are being sold by their parents and violently trafficked by evil captors?

Who cares if millions of political refugees are suffering and dying in overcrowded, unsanitary tent camps?

Who cares about helpless children who have no voice to cry out for own their life?

Who cares that children under 5 are dying of preventable diseases because they have no access to safe water?

Who cares?

The politically correct answer is, we all do. But do we really?

While it would be easy to list many who care about any one of these injustices specifically, it would be much harder to identify people who truly care about them all with comparable intensity. While most of us recoil at the human injustice that we come across, it’s human nature to care more deeply about the injustice that most directly affects our lives or the people we love.

Maybe this is because we only have so much emotional energy to confront the darkness around us or we reserve it for only that which threatens us personally. Or maybe it’s because we’re so busy and consumed by our daily responsibilities that we don’t think to take our eyes off ourselves to look deliberately at what is going on around us.

Whether it’s one of these reasons, a combination, or something else entirely, I contend that if more of us don’t begin to care about all injustice, not just the ones by which we’ve been personally damaged, then all forms of injustice will continue to flourish and none can be defeated.

The evil in this world wants to overcome the good through a strategy of divide and conquer. The darkness wants all those who care about defeating injustice to continue shouting loudly at the same time so that chaos and competition reign. Naturally, your injustice just could not be as high of a priority as mine! Whoever markets their cause the best wins the majority of grassroots support, media attention, money, and government action.

But the truth is that there is a better way to defeat injustice: expand your heart.

Do you care passionately about one of the things listed above or some other offense to human life and dignity? Has passion welled up within you to defend the rights of certain victims?

Then consider this – that passion is not a limited reservoir. It’s evidence of a source of love and compassion that exists outside of you. You don’t own it, and it’s not small. When a desire to bring about justice wells up within you because it has touched you directly – pause, step back and realize that you’re just tapping into a much larger gift than your own anger, hurt, passion or hunger for justice. You’ve discovered that you don’t just care about one specific expression of injustice – what you really care about is any and all injustice. You’ve been given the opportunity to see it in a context that allowed you to acknowledge it for what it really is.

Now, the only way to defeat injustice is when each of us sees the injustices others suffer as one and the same as our own. And, to defeat one, we must defeat them all. We can’t each focus on one expression of injustice, we must come together address the root cause.

Let your heart grow. If you’re only fighting for, praying for, advocating for, giving to the justice cause personal to your experience then your heart is too small.

Let’s all expand our hearts so we’ll no longer need to ask, ‘who cares’?

Photo Credit: Karlee Mikkelson

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